Pencil cases by one of our younger customers, 11 year old 'Pink Knitter'

Hazel's latest star

point quilt


Ann with her nearly finished  Lynette Anderson Christmas quilt


Joyce with

her 'pink lady'


Maggie and her

sampler quilt

Jean and her


New sewer Ewa Collier with her first finished sewing project


The table runner made made by Sheila Claxton


Sampler quilt made by

Jean Wilson


Hazel with her

Guitar quilt


Lynette with her

sampler quilt


Julliet's bags

The heirloom quilt made by Janet Hudson.

(Design by Pauline Ineson)


Quilt for Jorji by 

Lucy Gregg


Sampler quilt made by

Jo Cann


Crispy Morning from a Saturday workshop.  Made by Sue Gilson


Cheryl's lampshade

from the Saturday Lampshade workshop


Jo and her abstract picture


Carol and her cream

sampler quilt



'tile technique'


This is Bill's first finished project.  Bill recently attended the 'Get to Know' workshop


Quilt made by 

Gill Bradford



QUILT - 2014-15


QUILT - 2013-14


QUILT - 2012-13

(Design by Pauline Ineson)

To see more work by Jane's students please visit her website:




Over 100 students from Jane's courses embroidered a square each for this quilt which was presented to Dave and I for our 50th wedding anniversary in March 2015.  Thank you to everyone, it is a very special gift. 



QUILT - 2015-16

Baby quilt made by

Jackie Priscott


Bags made by Rachael Callard and Sam Jones


The golfer by

Chris Knowles


Slashed bag made by 

Sue Gilson